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Joan Morrow has mediated over 1400 cases with a resolution rate consistently exceeding 90% since limiting her professional practice to the mediation of employment claims more than 20 years ago. These cases have involved all aspects of federal, state and Washington DC employment law, including discrimination claims based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation/transgender, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age. disability and national origin, as well as racial and sexual harassment and civil rights claims. Her experience includes the mediation of class actions involving race, sex and national origin discrimination, many FLSA collective actions, whistleblower and retaliation claims, as well as cases involving defamation, breach of contract and non-compete agreements and professional firm and business dissolutions.

Mrs. Morrow has mediated over 300 sexual harassment/sexual assault cases and regularly mediates higher education cases involving claims brought by tenured faculty, employees and students, including Title IX sexual assault cases. She is often retained for exceptionally-challenging single plaintiff cases based on party emotions or factual circumstances, as well as more complex matters requiring the mediator's assistance in structuring the process to prepare the parties and case for a successful mediation. She is a pioneer in the use of sophisticated videoconference equipment for the mediation of employment matters, having conducted over 200 videoconference mediations with the same high success rate and party satisfaction achieved by 'in person' mediations.


. Americans With Disabilities ACT and FMLA
. Civil Rights
. Contracts: Employment / Non-Competition / Defamation
. Discrimination: EEOC /Single Plaintiff / Class Actions
. Employment
. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)- Class Actions
. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)- Collective Actions
. Harassment / Sexual Assault / Clergy Sexual Abuse
. Higher Education: Faculty Tenure / Employee / Student (Title IX)
. Insurance Coverage
. Partnership Dissolutions
. Professional Fees
. Professional Malpractice
. Retaliation and Whistleblower

MEMBER: 2004



Prior to limiting her professional practice to mediation, Joan Morrow was a litigation partner for 16 years with the former Rider Bennett firm in Minneapolis, where her practice focused on employment law and litigation and insurance coverage disputes involving employment claims. Her first act of professional peacemaking came when she was asked in 1985 to chair the Minnesota State Bar Association's Task Force on Tort Reform, a committee composed of diametrically opposed plaintiffs' and defense counsel. For forging consensus on difficult issues, Mrs. Morrow was awarded the Bar Association's Award for Professional Excellence.

She was then appointed by the Minnesota Legislature to Chair its Injury Compensation Study Commission with the mandate to study and recommend changes to Minnesota's tort laws. Her years of experience as a litigation lawyer showed Joan that mediation could be a superior means of resolving disputes. Mediating as part of her litigation practice for a number of years, she became a full-time peacemaker in 1994. Her skill at dealing with people with people, combined with her thorough preparation, have worked to make her a successful and respected professional mediator. In 200l, Joan Morrow relocated to Williamsburg, VA; more recently, she resides part-time in Washington, DC where she also regularly mediates.


Mrs. Morrow received her B.A. from Cornell University and her J.D. cum laude from William Mitchell College of Law (now Mitchell Hamline College of Law, St. Paul, MN).

Practicing in District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia

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