2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

David B. Lipsky is the Anne Evans Estabrook Professor of Dispute Resolution in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Adjunct Professor of Law, and former Director of the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution at Cornell University. He served as the national president of the Labor and Employment Relations Association (formerly the Industrial Relations Research Association) in 2006. In his research and teaching activities he primarily focuses on negotiation, conflict resolution, and collective bargaining. Lipsky served as dean of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell from 1988 until 1997 and has been a member of the Cornell faculty since 1969. He received his B.S. in 1961 from the ILR School at Cornell and his Ph.D. in economics from M.I.T. in 1967. 

Lipsky is the author of over eighty articles and chapters in books, and the author or editor of eighteen books and monographs. He is the co-author (with Ronald L. Seeber and Richard D. Fincher) of Emerging Systems for Managing Workplace Conflict, published by Jossey-Bass in April 2003. He is the co-editor (with Thomas A. Kochan) of Negotiations and Change: From the Workplace to Society, which was published by the Cornell University Press in February 2003. He is also the co-editor (with Ariel C. Avgar and J. Ryan Lamare) of Managing and Resolving Workplace Conflict, which was published Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd., in 2016.

In 2018 he was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Labor and Employment Relations Association. In 2012 he was awarded a Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellowship at Cornell. Established by the Cornell Board of Trustees in 1993, Weiss Fellowships recognize tenured faculty members with “sustained records of effective, inspiring and distinguished teaching of undergraduate students and contributions to undergraduate education.” He was selected as a Fellow of the Labor and Employment Relations Association for his “exceptional contributions to the study of Labor and Employment Relations” in 2009. He was a member of the inaugural class of Fellows of the National Academy of Human Resources and has served on the Academy’s Board of Directors. In 1998 he was the recipient of the Judge William B. Groat Alumni Award for professional accomplishment and service to the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell. He received the General Mills Foundation Award for Achievement in Teaching from the ILR School in 2003 and the General Mills Award for Exemplary Graduate Teaching from the ILR School in 2011. In 1997 the New York State Senate passed a resolution honoring Professor Lipsky “for his distinguished contributions as Dean of the School of Industrial and Labor Relations [at] Cornell University.” 


2017 Distinguished Fellow 

STEW COGAN, ESQ. of Seattle, WA, is the Immediate
Past President of the American College of Civil Trial Mediators (2015 -2017).  He is in his twenty-second year as a full-time arbitrator and mediator,  following twenty years practicing primarily corporate, business, and real estate law.

Stew has been a member since 2007, is currently serving as a Judge for the NYSBA-ACCTM Writing Competition, and continues in his support of the on-going work of the College. 

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