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Christopher Nolland has been a mediator since 1993. He has mediated over 2,700 matters and arbitrated over 100 cases. Nolland’s mediation and arbitration practice focuses on large, complex, multifaceted disputes. Nolland’s practice both as a mediator/arbitrator and as special Settlement Counsel is national in scope and from time to time involves cases pending in international forums.

Mr. Nolland has developed a reputation as an extraordinarily proactive mediator. He mediates over 100 matters each year and is regularly engaged in the most protracted and difficult cases – cases with significant economic or business stakes, difficult personalities, sophisticated and nuanced legal, factual, financial, and business issues, and histories of settlement intransigence. Mr. Nolland is known for immersing himself in the case and for his robust post-mediation follow on activities until the case is resolved or any opportunity to do so is exhausted.

Types of Cases. Mr. Nolland has extensive experience in mediating virtually every kind of significant commercial and business dispute, including: core bankruptcy and other insolvency related matters (such as fraudulent conveyance or other adversary proceedings); note and lender cases; trade secret and intellectual property cases; software litigation; probate, trust, and estate litigation; securities cases; significant product liability and personal injury cases; significant employment matters including sex, age, or race discrimination, wrongful termination, and FLSA cases; franchise or license litigation; lender liability cases; construction cases; deceptive trade practices cases; significant commercial landlord/tenant disputes; legal and accounting malpractice cases; partnership and corporate oppression disputes; class actions; insurance coverage litigation; and D&O litigation.

While neutral mediation and arbitration services are Mr. Nolland’s primary focus, in the last 20 years, he has also developed a significant practice in which he acts as a non-neutral special Ne;tiation/Settlement Counsel on behalf of one party or side in significant litigation or pre-litigation disputes. Nolland has been engaged as Settlement Counsel in dozens of matters, primarily involving high stakes and complex business disputes, fiduciary matters, professional liability, and significant insolvency and litigation trustee matters. Nolland’s Settlement Counsel practice has been the subject of leading legal and business publications.

Mr. Nolland is an Adjunct Professor at Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law – since 1997 teaching a full semester course in Ne;tiation to second and third-year law students and LLM candidates. He is also a frequent speaker at ADR programs and training courses.

Education / Training

Albany Law School of Union University
J.D., cum laude, 1977; Associate Editor, Albany Law Review

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