Lawrence Susskind

Emeritus Fellows / Lifetime Achievement
Practicing In: Massachusetts
Member Since: 1999


Director, Public Disputes Program, Harvard Law
Urban and Environmental Planning, MIT
Cambridge, MA 2139


Lawrence Susskind is Ford Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has served on the faculty for 35 years and currently directs the Graduate Program in Environmental Policy and Planning. He is also Vice-Chair for Instruction at the Program on Ne;tiation at Harvard Law School, which he helped found in 1982, and where he heads the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program, and teaches advanced ne;tiation courses. In 1993, Professor Susskind created the Consensus Building Institute. He is currently Senior Consultant for the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) which is a not-for-profit organization based in Cambridge, MA that provides mediation and dispute system
design to both public and private sector clients.

His current work includes leading CBIs efforts to mediate Bedouin land claims in the southern desert of Israel. He has been involved in a wide range of initiatives to address the land claims of First Nations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

Education / Training

Ph.D. Urban Studies and Planning MIT Cambridge, MA
M.C.P City Planning MIT Cambridge, MA
B.A Sociology/English Literature Columbia University New York, NY

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
1995 Present Ford Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning
1982 1985 Professor of Urban and Environmental Planning
1978 1982 Associate Professor and Head of Department
1974 1978 Assistant Professor and Assistant Head of Department
1971 1974 Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Program
Harvard Law School
2001 Present Vice-Chair, Instruction, Program on Ne;tiation
2008 Present Co-Director, Ne;tiation Peda;gy Initiative
1988 Present Director, MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program
2009 – 2010 Visiting Professor of Law
2004 2005 Visiting Professor of Law
2001 2002 Visiting Professor of Law
1993 2001 Senior Fellow, 2001 Executive
1982 1985 Director, Program on Ne;tiation

Types of Cases Mediated