Carrie J. Menkel-Meadow

Emeritus Fellows / Lifetime Achievement
Practicing In: California
Member Since: 1999


Chancellor’s Professor of Law
University of California – Irvine School of Law
401 E. Peltason Drive
Irvine, CA 92697


Mediator for over 15 years; scholar, teacher and practitioner of ADR, Ne;tiation, Mediation, Civil Procedure, Ethics and Professional Responsibility for 25 years.
Trained Attorney General, federal, state and foreign judges and lawyers in mediation, ADR, and ethics.
Former Trial Lawyer and Clinical Teacher (Member, Pennsylvania, California, and District of Columbia Bars)
Court Mediator, Los Angeles Municipal and Superior Courts.

Education / Training

J.D., cum laude, University of Pennsylvania Law School.
LL.D., honors, Quinnipine College of Law.
Professor of Law, Georgetown (1996 – present); UCLA (1979-1988); Stanford (Visiting, 1990); University of Toronto (Visiting 1990); Phyllis Beck Chair, Temple Law School (1999).

Types of Cases Mediated