Leonard L. Riskin

Emeritus Fellows / Lifetime Achievement
Practicing In: Florida
Member Since: 1999


University of Florida
Levin College of Law
Post Office Box 117625

Gainesville, FL 32611


Former C.A. Leedy Professor of Law, Isidor Loeb Professor of Law, and Director of the University of Missouri School of Law Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution; attorney for the Department of Justice in Washington; general counsel for the National Alliance of Businessmen; and University of Houston Law Professor. Author of several books and numerous articles on alternative dispute resolution. Former chair of the AALS sections on Law and Medicine and Dispute Resolution. Expertise: Ne;tiation, Mediation, Dispute Resolution.

Education / Training

LL.M., Yale Law School
J.D., New York University School of Law
B.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison

Types of Cases Mediated